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Organizational structure of the Medical University of Warsaw Library

Organizational structure of the Main Library

* Center for Biostructure Research Library  is located on the 2nd floor in the far North end of the building. When you enter, leave your coat in the coat room, next walk up the main staircase to the 1st floor, turn left (north), and walk all the way down the hallway, on your left you will see another stairwell. Ascend the stairwell and you should see the entrance to the library. You may bring your backpack inside!

** Faculty of Pharmacy Library - The pharmacy building is located right next to Banacha hospital. It is the building closest to the intersection of Zwirki i Wigury street and Banacha street. The library within this building is located on the -1 floor. When you enter from the main entrance you will see the coat room on your right. Please leave your coat there. Next, turn right around the coat room and head to the staircase. Walk down the stairs and you should see the entrance to the library or "biblioteka". Ask the librarian for a key to a locker where you will have to leave your backpack.